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Embark on a journey through the light-filled home that is "La Casa Curvilínea," A residence that honours exquisitely crafted curves, organic materials and a buttery-warm colour palette form a modern interpretation of Mediterranean style.

The façade, adorned with natural hardwood timber and interlocking steel panelling, exudes a serene exterior. The use of neutral earthy tones, sleek curves, and low profiles creates a welcoming atmosphere. Architectural nuances, such as rounded feature soffits with ceiling portals to inbuilt roof gardens, subtly hint at the treasures within.

Upon entering through the seamlessly integrated front door, the interior unfolds as a carefully crafted space inspired by the Mediterranean and the tranquillity of a day spa. Softened curves and exceptional craftsmanship define the space, from the curved hallway illuminated by LED strip lighting to the open-plan kitchen, dining, and living areas.

The heart of this casa is the kitchen, a focal point of distinctive shapes and materials, features skilfully crafted joinery, integrated sinks, wash planes, and benchtops. Arched architraves are mirrored in the design of the ceiling void and the cantilevered island bench, creating a cohesive and calming palette.

The colour palette is a symphony of neutral tones, harmoniously complemented by the tactile allure of Venetian plaster accent walls. The space is airy, submerged with natural light, and exudes a tranquil ambiance reminiscent of a Mediterranean day spa.

With four bedrooms, the master suite embodies the pinnacle of luxury. Villa-style sliding doors seamlessly connect the interior to the outdoors where the unique circular pool echoes the curves of the architecture, making a bold design statement. The interlinked spa, rounded waterfall edge, and curved pool steps enhance the visual appeal. Custom powder-coated white steel post fencing, individually cast into the limestone paving, secures the pool area while seamlessly connecting with the alfresco living space.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Thirteenth Beach golf course, "La Casa Curvilínea” seamlessly marries the charm of Mediterranean interior design with the natural beauty of its location. Every facet of this casa has been thoughtfully curated to offer a living experience that is not only practical but visually striking.

Design: Dan Van Architect

Photographer: Dave Kulesza 

Completed: 2023

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